Theatre Review: 30 Days in September

A dark exploration of the legacies that family secrets leave on the human mind, 30 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER takes an intricate and in-depth look at Mala’s life journey. After years of being sexually abused by her uncle, Mala meets Deepak, a man who refuses to stop loving her. But with his love comes a shattering reckoning and unearthing of darker, deeper secrets. With sharp characterizations and an ending that will draw you in completely, 30 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER promises an experience that will stay with you long after the performance.

“Rashmi Rustagi’s performance as Shanta, Mala’s mother is riveting, utterly convincing and in the end devastating. It was a real pleasure to watch acting like that.”

“Rustagi is strong and convincing. With her roots in theater and radio, Rustagi is active in the Bay Area theater community: She has been in productions with Theatre Works’ “Baby Taj” and Naatak’s “Bravely Fought the Queen and Mataji”. She has been seen in several films, including the feature films “Perfect Mismatch,” “Chains,” “Khanda,” “Karma” and soon to be released “The Avengers.”